Masternode platform

We are here for you! You can easily choose your favorite coin and deploy Masternode with a few clicks.

Are you tired of complicated Masternode installation procedures or do you not have the time to go through the hassle of setting up a Masternode server all by yourself? Are you put off by installing and configuring Linux system to run a Masternode on, only to spend more time by installing and configuring the Masternode itself?

Shared Masternode platform

Do you want to invest into your favorite project and would like to benefit from a Masternode but do not possess enough coins for the Masternode collateral on your own?

Our shared Masternode service is here to fix that!
You can easily choose how many coins you can share and claim your profit ratio! After a few clicks your shared Masternode will be up and running.

Investment platform

Do you want to track your whole investment portfolio and see values and graphs online?

Our Investment platform will help you monitor all your crypto investments.
You can see your bought price and current price. You will see included MN rewards and so on.
Most of the stats will be synchronized from blockchain networks and Exchanges online

Masternode Exchange

Do you think it’s a pitty that you’re losing on Masternode profits when you’re offering your coins for sale?

Don’t be sad! Our Masternode Exchange will be here for you!
All your running Masternodes or Shared Masternodes can be listed on our Exchange and while waiting for a potential buyer, you will still be able to receive rewards from your Masternodes.

Masternodes for everyone in Argoneum

Official Desktop Wallets

Masternodes for everyone in

Web Wallet!

Is working with local wallet not comfortable to you? Is coin transaction system unclear to you? Does your granny want to have her own masternode?

Good news for you and your granny! Our web wallet will be much easier to use and Masternode configuration will be done in a SINGLE click.


July 2018
- Community takeover started
August 2018
- Core team formed
September 2018
- New website
- WhitePaper
- Masternode platform development started
October 2018
- Argoneum team KYD registration
- Marketing campaign 1.0
- Hard fork to new blockchain
November 2018
- Masternode platform Beta launch
December 2018
- Masternode platform done
- Platform for shared masternodes in development
- Web wallet development started
- MN Exchange development started
January 2019
- Shared masternodes platform Beta launch
- Argoneum will be registered as company in Czech republic
February 2019
- Integrate investment portfolio to MN platform
- Listing on better Exchange
March 2019
- Web wallet released (with „MN per click“ integration)
- Marketing campaign 2.0
April 2019
- MN Exchange Beta released
- Mobile wallets and Mobile MN platform Beta released
May 2019
- MN Exchange released
- Marketing campaign 3.0
- Mobile wallets and Mobile MN platform released
June 2019
- List Argoneum on high volume Exchange
- Register Argoneum on CoinPayments platform
- Become the Best Masternode ecosystem in the Blockchain network

Powered by a Team TEAM

The Argoneum team is formed by early investors of old Argo coin.
Most of the team members are from Czech Republic.
The team has it’s own web developers, Linux administrators, graphic designers, translators and a couple of subcontractors.

Martin Rathouz
Argoneum Project Leader
Tomas Sarnacinskas
Chief Business Development Officer
Jiri Svec
Senior web developer
Lukas Prelovsky
Linux Administrator
Granit Kadolli
DevTeam - UI Designer
Jan Dynybyl
Linux Monitoring
Sayem Uddin Sarjil
Marketing Manager


Marketing advisor
Marketing advisor

Technical Specifications

Ticker AGM
Algorithm phi2
Block time 1 min
Block reward 30 (decreases by 25% every year)
Total supply 64 M (in year 2037)
Masternode reward 50%
PoW reward 45%
dev fee 5%
MN collateral 10000



Frequently asked questions

Argoneum project is focused on services for crypto investors. The project is aiming to be a huge eco system which will support mostly masternode coins.

Crypto market is full of IT specialists who have no problem with using advanced technologies. But a lot of non-IT people that would like to invest may find these technologies too complicated. Therefore we want to bring a solution providing an investment platform which will be very easy to use.

Said in short: We are transparent, fair and hard working!

Most of us are early investors of that dead coin and as such we have already invested much into it. New coins are very risky for early investors. But since the downfall of the original project has brought the community tightly together, we decided to build on that and grow up from it.

Argoneum project like Argoneum coin are designed to be long-lived. Argoneum will be registered as a business company in Czech republic and coins will be emitted for many years to come with annual reduction of 25%.

Not at the moment, because we want to fully focus on long term goal of the project. And we'd like to minimize releasing mandatory Wallet updates. When we do it, it will be a one-off action that will ensure that further updates from then on are a one-click endeavor as close to being automatic as possible. But the general idea is to avoid mandatory updates so that a coin investor can set up a masternode and leave it alone for extended periods of time without having to worry about manually updating the Wallet every other week.

You will have one user profile for all of our platforms.

We have implemented anti-phishing technologies and most of your coins will be stored in your own Wallets on your own device.

Due to a myriad of security reasons we want to list only those coins that already have some history and level of transparency. We are currently in partnership with KYD. Each coin candidate for listing on our platform will have to meet requirements of KYD authentication.

Currently there is no fee for listing.

Cost is estimated at 7$ in Argoneum coins.

Hosting is covered by Credit which is bought with Argoneum coins. Currently 1 credit = 0,25$ in Argoneum coins. And 1 credit equals hosting for 1 masternode for 1 day.


Contact Argoneum Team

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.